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Catbrook Educational Trust

Appointment of New Trustees

What is the Catbrook Educational Trust?


Following the sale of the Catbrook School and grounds

in the 1990s, the proceeds from the sale were used to set up

the Catbrook Educational Trust in 2004.


The object of the Trust is to promote the education, including

social and physical training, of persons who are under the age

of 25 and are or have been resident in the catchment area of

the former Catbrook School.


Due to the consequences of the financial downturn since 2010, the Trust has not been in a position to seek or make contributions to local young adults and children who might have been eligible to apply for financial assistance. However it is hoped to re-launch the Trust and make some funding available in 2021. Three new Trustees have been appointed to manage and operate the Trust by the Community Council who are Leanne Wakerley, Nicola Harvey and Andy Pullan.


Become a Trustee?


The three Trustees are looking to appoint a further three co-opted Trustees to form a board of six and are inviting expressions of interest from anyone who would be interested in joining the board to help with the running of the Trust to meet its aims and objectives. The Trustees have responsibility for ensuring the Trust is well managed, is accountable and complies with the guidelines and legal requirements as set out by the Charity Commission.


Once the six Trustees are in place, work will start to ensure the necessary policies, processes and procedures are in place to maximise the benefit of the Trust to as many children and young adults as is possible going forward.


This is an exciting opportunity to become involved in running the Trust to help young adults and children in the Catbrook area achieve their potential.  Also if anyone would be interested in assisting with the running of the Trust, but not in an official capacity as a Trustee, please do let us know.  


For further information or to simply chat about what the role of the Trustee entails please email [email protected] or telephone 01291 689474.




Leanne, Nicky & Andy



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